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The latest buzz about Silk Smitha is that Hindi movie “Dirty Picture” is based on her life. Vidya Balan, Hindi film actress is in the lead character of Silk Smitha. The movie is much in news. Silk Smitha’s brother has also filed a case against the makers of “Dirty Pictue” saying that his sister is not “Dirty”. It is also believed that Silk Smitha had an affair with a famous South Indian Actor Rajnikant. “Dirty Picture” also depicts the affair between Silk Smitha and Tamil Super Star Rajnikant. However, many people deny this and all the fan clubs of Rajnikant opposes the movie.

It was also in news that she had boyfriend in Chennai and she was living with him. The live-in relationship between her and her boyfriend was much in news. It is also believed that her boyfriend has influenced her to try her hands in film production. She also produced two films and faced loss. Her third and final movie was incomplete because of financial crunches. According to many co-stars and director Silk Smitha was highly indulge in alcohol. She started consuming alcohol and was not happy with her life, as she has faced a big loss in her career as a producer.

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