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About Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha (December 2, 1960 – September 23, 1996) was a famous actor from the Indian film industry. In film industry, she started her career as a make-up artist in 1970 and was one of the most popular and in demand heroine of the early 80s. Her first film in 1979 Vandi Chakkaram was in Tamil language, in which she played a character of a bar girl named Silk. From her performance and part she played in the movie, the sobriquet “Silk” was attached with her name. She did more than four hundred and fifty films in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu bollywood movies in the language Hindi her career of 17 years. 

Silk Simtha was born with the name ‘Vijayalakshi’. Her birthplace is Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. Smitha was not able to continue her studies after 4th standard because of financial crunches. Because of her fine facial and body features many men exploited her, thus she got married at tender age. She left her home because of the ill treatment at her in-laws house. She went to Chennai and resided with a relative.

Her initial career job was of a makeup artist for an actor who acted in B-grade movies but very soon she was offered minor character roles in the movies and she did them. Later director of Indian movies named as vinu chakraborty found her at a flourmill and took her home. This director renamed her as smitha and she was taught English by the director’s wife. Smitha also learned to dance from a different teacher. She debuted in a movie in Malayalam language named as Inaye thedi but no sooner than this movie was released because of erotic and lusty appeal and body language she changed her roles to nightclub performers and negative roles and hence was categorized. She acclaimed her talents and was renowned for her first lead role in the south Indian cinema Vandi Chakkaram. In the year nineteen hundred and seventy nine smitha incorporated the name silk on name of the original character in the cinema. This movie and her name was a great success but she failed to remove the tag of similar roles thereafter.

Smitha starred in movies of numerous languages such as Telegu, Malayalam, Tamil, kannada and Hindi. Her performances that were dance, erotic body language and exposure in performances like Mondru Mugam up brought a renowned sex symbol in the south Indian film Industry and cinema. Her dance numbers in movies such as amaran was also acclaimed and appreciated. Movie buffs, critics, and even the media often called as a b grade actor. Most of the roles that she played in the movies were soft core, but she did not limit her skills to just sexual roles but her work was also acclaimed for other than sexual roles such as that of spouse who was hurt by the betrayal of her husband in the renowned south Indian movie named as Alaigal Oivathillai. Out of all the movies Layanam acquired the status of the most recognized and was translated to many languages such as in Hindi with the name of “reshma Ki Jawani” that was famous in its own way. Her most decent movie” Moondram Pirai” made by a renowned director. This movie was also remade in Hindi with the same star cast named as Sadma. The lead stars of this movie were Shri Devi, Kamal Hasan as well as the south siren smith herself.

When she was at the top most position of her movie proffession, it was said that films that were once flopped and were lying like dead stones were released again with a south siren dance performance and were an instant hit. 

Husband’s betrayal acclaimed much attention by critics. Her film Layanam released in 1989 earned benchmark in the over eighteen age movie classification. Later the movie was translated in many other Languages. This movie also acquired the status of cult. Her role in Moondram Pirai directed by Balu Mahendra was the most respected role of her career. Moondram Pirai was remade in bollywood in the hindi language that starred shri devi,. Kamal hasan and the south siren herself.

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